VizMac the Visio Viewer for Mac

VizMac Visio viewer for Mac allows anyone to view, save and print Visio drawings and diagrams on their OS X Mac computer.

By using VizMac, Visio users can freely distribute Visio drawings and diagrams to team members, partners, customers, or others, even if the recipients are using Mac computers. VizMac also allows for printing and saving of these drawings and diagrams.

VizMac enables users to discover the advantages of using Visio drawings, charts, and illustrations in a Mac environment. VizMac Viewer is particularly useful for teams that need to collaborate across different computing platforms.

VizMac the Visio Viewer for Mac


About VizMac
VizMac Support
  1. View Visio files created on a Windows PC right on your Mac

  2. Open file types - .vsd, .vss, .vst, .vdx, .vsx, or .vtx

  3. Both Visio binary (.vsd) and XML (.vdx) files are supported

  4. Save and Print Visio drawings and diagrams

  5. Change page orientation

  1. Pan and Zoom in the drawing

  2. Follow hyperlinks

  3. View shape data stored with shapes

  4. Change drawing properties and settings

  5. Customize the viewer environment

VizMac the Visio Viewer for Mac
VizMac the Visio Viewer for Mac
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VizMac the Visio Viewer for Mac